The best way to present my company’s capabilities is by marketing directly to contracting officers and/or signing them up for my mailing list.

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Fact – Contracting officers and program managers are often inundated with general marketing material that doesn’t reach the right people at the right time. As an alternative, vendors can take advantage of the various outreach sessions that agencies hold for the purpose of connecting contracting officers and program managers with companies whose skills are needed. Contracting and program offices are often inundated with marketing material, and this fact lowers the chances that a vendor’s reliance on marketing material will enable these offices to focus on the firm’s capabilities. A more effective approach is to make your capabilities known through outreach sessions that agencies hold to provide information on how best to do business with the agency, and to provide information on future requirements. Many times, these outreach sessions will provide an opportunity for vendors to meet with program managers and contracting officials to generally discuss items on annual procurement plans. Vendors are also encouraged to attend pre-proposal conferences to receive more detailed information about specific agency requirements.